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Sunday, December 30, 2007

MD Awards: Woman of the Year

One would never expect to hear Oscar talk concerning a Disney Princess, but then, one has never been as effortlessly and joyfully portrayed as Enchanted's Giselle. Credit goes to our Movie Dearest Woman of the Year, Amy Adams, for bringing a fairy tale ideal into the real world (literally), and making us believe every minute of it.

Mixing wide-eyed wonderment with subtle degrees of melancholy, Amy creates a character that progresses from a pen and ink girl to a flesh and blood woman, with real emotions and desires. Of course, the latter isn't too hard when you have both James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey to play off of (talk about your Sophie's choice). And, let's not forget, she sings and dances ... and makes her own dresses to boot.

In addition to the recent Charlie Wilson's War, Amy has a slew of high-profile projects on the horizon, including the black comedy Sunshine Cleaning and not one, but two projects with Meryl Streep: the film adaptations of the Tony Award-winning play Doubt and the best-selling memoir Julie & Julia. No doubt, we'll be enchanted with her all over again.

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