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Monday, January 21, 2008

Harry Potter and the Two-Part Finale?

Could the seventh and last Harry Potter movie actually be two Harry Potter movies?

Rumor has it that with all that plot J.K. Rowling crammed into the last book, Warners is contemplating splitting the whole thing in half, sending Harry to the Deathly Hollows twice (following, that is, his encounter later this year with the Half-Blood Prince).

Of course, that also means that audiences will spend twice as much to see it. But I'm sure that will have nothing to do with the final decision ...

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  1. Oh my, that would be wonderful if they split the movie in two. There was a lot of plot and to me they skipped a lot in The Order, it felt half done. Hopefully they split the movie, it would be smart on their part money wise as well. Besides we don't want the final movie to be a dud!


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