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Thursday, February 14, 2008

31 Days of Oscar: Nashville

Robert Altman's sprawling, multi-story "character epic" about the country music capital of the world isn't for everyone, such as anyone who likes, say, a plot.

But the Best Picture nominee is filled with mini-masterpieces of storytelling, such as Keith Carradine crooning "I'm Easy" (which he himself wrote; he won the Oscar for his multi-tasking) to a roomful of potential subjects of said song, including the Academy Award nominated Lily Tomlin (who will be profiled in tomorrow's Out in Film). And then there is the one-hit wonder performance of the film's other Supporting Actress nominee, Ronee Blakley, playing a troubled recording star that will be all too familiar to today's audience of tabloid readers.

Nashville will air Saturday at 2:15 AM EST on Turner Classic Movies.

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  1. I love Altman ... it was a sad day when he died. I also like Nashville, but not as much as other of his early 70s output, like "The Long Goodbye" and "McCabe and Mrs. Miller"

    My main gripe wasn't the plotlessness (plot is highly overrated), but that I felt Altman's gambit of letting the stars write and sing their own songs didn't work, including Carridines (to my mind) insipid work.


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