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Friday, February 22, 2008

31 Days of Oscar: Shadow of a Doubt

Alfred Hitchcock's personal favorite among his own films, this taut little thriller (an obvious precursor to David Lynch's Blue Velvet) stars a terrific Teresa Wright as the plucky Charlotte Newton, a rare Hitchcock heroine facing evil on her own.

Known as "Charlie", Wright's character suspects that her favorite uncle/namesake Uncle Charlie (a cast-against-type Joseph Cotton) is a serial killer. That the Oscar nominated story unfolds against the backdrop of a typical small American town makes it all the more chillingly effective.

Shadow of a Doubt airs at 7:30 AM EST tomorrow on Turner Classic Movies.


  1. Hi Kirby,
    I clicked your blog link on Stuck in the 80s.
    I do declare I LOVE this movie. It truly has some creepy moments. It's simply superb.
    Another favorite Hitchcock flick is "Rope" They don't seem to make 'em like that anymore (or very often).

  2. "Rope" is another good one, if a bit stagey.

    The thing I loved most about "Shadow of a Doubt" is that, even though it was Hitch's favorite, it is not as well known as most of his other films. So I felt like I was "discovering" it.

    I love it when that happens.

    Thanks for visting, come back any time!

    - kch


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