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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

31 Days of Oscar: Some Like It Hot

With Oscar nominations for star Jack Lemmon (in his finest comedic work ever), director/co-writer Billy Wilder and co-writer I.A.L. Diamond, one would have thought this one would have been up for the big one as well.

Oh well, at least it won the Oscar for costume design ... not to mention Golden Globes for Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe (always snubbed by the Academy) and Best Picture - Comedy. The classic laugher also topped out the American Film Institute's list of the funniest movies of all time, appearing in the group's top 100 movies lists twice as well.

Morever, one of the best (and gayest) closing lines in film history -- "Nobody's perfect" -- also showed up on their movie quotes countdown. If you don't know the set-up for that classic punch line, then you need to tune in to Turner Classic Movies tomorrow night (at 8:00 PM EST) to see why Some Like It Hot.

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