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Monday, February 11, 2008

Cinematic Crush: George Clooney

Movie Dearest continues the month long countdown to the Oscars with two of our weekly signature features -- Cinematic Crush and Women We Love -- spotlighting our favorites of this year's acting nominees:

Crush object: George Clooney, actor/director/ producer/writer.

- A hunk for all seasons, Clooney started his career in low budget B-flicks like Return to Horror High and Return of the Killer Tomatoes! and sitcoms such as The Facts of Life and Roseanne, finally hitting the big time with his Emmy nominated role as Dr. Doug Ross on the hit drama ER, launching a fad with his "Caesar cut" hair style.

- Capitalizing on his new fame, he starred in genre films (From Dusk Till Dawn, Batman and Robin, The Perfect Storm) before tackling more pedigreed fare such as Three Kings; O Brother, Where Art Thou? and the Ocean's Eleven series.

- Began directing with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; his Good Night, and Good Luck, which he also co-wrote and co-starred in, was nominated for six Academy Awards, including two for him.

- The same year, he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the political drama Syriana. He's nominated again this year as the title lawyer in the legal thriller Michael Clayton.

- He directs and stars in his next film, Leatherheads, due in April; other upcoming projects include the Coen brothers' Burn After Reading and voicing the title character in the animated adventure The Fantastic Mr. Fox.


  1. I can't wait until you start posting up Women We Love

    because we love women.

  2. Clooney's my major movie crush as well. I also love that he gives great interviews. Nice site!


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