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Monday, February 11, 2008

False Idols

In the continuing American Idolization of the entire planet, Walt Disney World recently announced that a new, interactive stage show version of the insanely, confoundingly popular American Idol talent competition will be added to the newly rechristened Disney's Hollywood Studios later this year. (Talk about sleeping with your enemy ... the Fox-owned Idol continually trounces the network competition, including the Disney-owned ABC.)

I'm sure they all hope it fares better then the now defunct Who Wants To Be a Millionaire show that resided in the park a few years back. That attraction was unlucky enough to open right when the primetime series tanked, more or less signaling its eventual doom from the get go.

In typical Disney-speak, that show was officially titled Who Wants To Be a Millionaire - Play It!, so maybe this new one will be called American Idol - Sing It!

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