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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hero Worship

If you can't wait until the fall for more adventures of your favorite Heroes, then this new set of action figures may save the day for you. Yes, you too can save the cheerleader and save the world! (Oh wait, that is so last season ...)

Speaking of the cheerleader, Claire Bennett comes with interchangeable damaged body parts (awesome!), while the evil Sylar has his two favorite accessories: a baseball cap and a brain (cool!). Hiro Nakamura is armed with his Kensei sword (sweet!), and your own little Milo Ventimiglia, Peter Petrelli, has glowing hands (ooo!). As for Mohinder Suresh, well ... he just stands around and does nothing, just like on the show (yawn ...). Each figure also comes with a corresponding miniature reproduction of one of Isaac's paintings from the first season.

Click here to pre-order Heroes Series 1 Action Figure Set from

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