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Monday, March 3, 2008

Cinematic Crush: Tom Selleck

Today, Movie Dearest begins a month long look at the hottest "Retro TV Hunks", the actors who brought prime beefcake to primetime during the 70's and 80's.

Crush object: Tom Selleck, actor.

- He is best known for his Emmy Award and Golden Globe winning role as Thomas Magnum, Hawaii's finest (in every sense of the word) private eye in the long-running TV series Magnum, P.I., which also won him five People's Choice Awards.

- In his film debut, he played a character known only as "Stud" in the camp classic Myra Breckinridge.

- He was almost Indiana Jones in the Raiders of the Lost Ark; subsequent big screen attempts to capitalize on his action hero persona from television fizzled though: High Road to China, Lassiter, Runaway ...

- Movie success came when he turned to comedy with Three Men and a Baby and In & Out, where his gay journalist had a memorable lip lock with Kevin Kline's closeted school teacher.

- A well-received recurring role on Friends led to the short-lived comedy series The Closer; he most recently joined the cast of Las Vegas and continues to find acclaim in a string of western TV movies and the Jesse Stone mystery series.


  1. Love this man. Now, that's what a real man looks like! I am drooling all over my keyboard!

  2. My God this man is sexy! And he gets even sexier the older he gets!! Love ya Tom!!

  3. Without a doubt, the most beautiful man God ever created. He is SUCH A DOLL!!! Eyes, smile, dimples, hair....he's got it all. Oh, and he is built like Adonis<3


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