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Monday, April 28, 2008

Cinematic Crush: Robert Downey Jr.

Crush object: Robert Downey Jr., actor.

- A one season stint on Saturday Night Live and small parts in Weird Science and Back to School led to leading roles in The Pick-Up Artist and his breakthrough movie, Less Then Zero, wherein he played a drug addicted rich kid.

- More dramatic and comedic performances followed with True Believer, Chances Are, Air America and Soapdish, but he was able to combine both genres with his Academy Award nominated performance as Charlie Chaplin.

- Alternating between strong lead roles and memorable supporting turns, he has since starred in such films as Short Cuts; Natural Born Killers; Richard III; Home for the Holidays; Restoration; Wonder Boys; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Good Night, and Good Luck; A Scanner Darkly and Zodiac.

- He won a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination for his career-revitalizing role on Ally McBeal.

- Already this year he co-starred in Charlie Bartlett, and will star in two of the most anticipated movies of the summer: the superhero adventure Iron Man and the action comedy Tropic Thunder.

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