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Friday, June 6, 2008

MD Poll: Believe We Are Magic

In what turned out to be a close race to be named your favorite "screen-to-stage" Broadway show of the season, Xanadu eventually triumphed with roughly one-third of the votes (see the comments section below for the complete rundown). First, the 2007 Dearie, now this, could the 2008 Tony for Best Musical be next?

The answer is "yes!" if pint-sized YouTube sensation Cubby Bernstein has anything to say about it. The super-secret Tony Campaign Manager ("I smell a Tony!") has gone viral, choosing Xanadu as the one the win this year, so be a good "Fanadu" and board the "Cub-oose", buy a "Cub-cake" and watch all his videos, with special guest stars Kerry Butler, Cheyenne Jackson and Nathan Lane and more! Xanadu? Yes, it can!

And in more Xanadu news: London is calling.

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  1. What is Your Favorite Screen-to-Stage Broadway Show for 2007/08 Season?

    44 total votes.

    1. Xanadu - 29.5%
    2. Cry-Baby - 25.0
    3. The Little Mermaid - 22.7
    4. Young Frankenstein - 18.2
    5. The 39 Steps - 4.5
    6. A Catered Affair - 0.0