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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bring Him On

If you, like me (and everyone I know), were smitten by the boy cheerleaders of the seminal Bring It On (just, like, the best cheerleading movie ever) but felt that they needed more screen time, then here's the movie for you: Matadors (olé!).

Adam Shankman is producing the big screen comedy, based on the true story of the Chicago Bulls' 14-member troupe of male cheerleaders, which will be directed by his Hairspray associate choreographer Anne Fletcher, who also helmed Step Up and 27 Dresses.

And if the thought of a bunch of guys jumping around on dry land gets your blood pumping (in a good way), then how about a bunch of guys jumping into the water. Yup, Synchronicity, a comedy about male synchronized swimming, is in the works, from Oscar winning producer Scott Rudin. Coincidentally, both of these films will be produced by Disney.

Who says we don't like sports movies?

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