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Monday, July 14, 2008

Cinematic Crush: Aaron Eckhart

Crush object: Aaron Eckhart, actor.

- He made an impressive debut (and won an Independent Spirit Award) as the misogynistic narcissist at the center of In the Company of Men.

- Memorable supporting turns in Your Friends & Neighbors, Any Given Sunday, Erin Brockovich, Nurse Betty, The Missing and Paycheck followed.

- His pitch perfect performance in the satirical Thank You for Smoking netted him Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award nominations.

- His matinee idol good looks served him well in the noirish The Black Dahlia and the romantic comedy No Reservations.

- The indie favorite will next be seen as Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent -- a.k.a. the man who will be Two-Face -- in this week's big studio blockbuster The Dark Knight, but returns to his roots later this year with Alan Ball's already controversial Towelhead (formerly Nothing is Private).


  1. I adore this man. So much.

  2. I totally either:

    A. Wish I could be this guy.

    B. Wish he was at least my friend.

    C. Wish I could be dating him.

    D. Would even take him as a relative.

    Gawsh, he's so manly. It's awesome. Go Eckhaaaaart!


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