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Friday, August 1, 2008

MD Poll: Christian Soldiers On

Despite a personal scandal making headlines worldwide, Christian Bale easily won the recent MD Poll asking for your favorite Batman. The star of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight dominated the voting, ending up with an impressive 47% of an amazing 355 total votes.

Of the other Caped Crusaders, only Michael Keaton and Adam West registered in the double digits, placing second and third, respectively. See the bat-comments section below for the full bat-rundown.

Click here to vote in the latest MD Poll.

1 comment:

  1. Who is Your Favorite Batman?

    355 total votes.

    1. Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan's Batman - 47.0%
    2. Michael Keaton, Tim Burton's Batman - 20.3
    3. Adam West, Classic TV Series - 10.4
    4. Kevin Conroy, "Batman: The Animated Series" - 9.0
    5. Val Kilmer, "Batman Forever" - 5.9
    6. George Clooney, "Batman and Robin" - 3.4
    7. Will Friedle, "Batman Beyond" - 1.7
    8. Robert Lowery, 2nd Batman Serial - 1.4
    9. Olan Soule, "The Superfriends" - 0.6
    10. Lewis Wilson, 1st Batman Serial - 0.3


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