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Friday, September 12, 2008

Film Art: Workin' 9 to 5, Warhol Style

They may have to rechristen Hollywood as "Dollywood" soon (yeah, I know there already is one of those ... they could call it "Dollywood West" then). In addition to her stage musical composing debut -- 9 to 5: The Musical now playing in LA -- the World of Wonder on Hollywood Boulevard is opening a "Dolly Pop" exhibit in their gallery tonight.

Above is one of the pieces that will be on display, a Warholian tribute to Dolly's first movie, 9 to 5. The painting is by my new best friend, the very talented Dave Decaro. This is just the first of many of Dave's fine works of art that we will feature here on Movie Dearest in our Film Art section; I swear, it's like he tapped into the "obsessions" section of my brain and brought it all to vividly colored life.

And speaking of the fabulous Miss Parton, she proved what a consummate entertainer she at is the opening night this week of 9 to 5: The Musical. Seems there was some technical issues onstage that stopped the show, so what does our Dolly do? Why, grab the nearest microphone and lead the lucky audience in a medley of her greatest hits ... and here's the video to prove it. What a pro!

UPDATE: Dave (of course) was at the opening of "Dolly Pop" the other night and has a full report. Aside from his 9 to 5 painting, other great works at the exhibit included pieces inspired by The Wizard of Oz and Mars Attacks! (?!).

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