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Friday, September 12, 2008

Pac-Man Fever

Today is Video Games Day (really), so to celebrate, here are two treats for you.

First up is this first look image of cutie Justin Chatwin as Goku in the upcoming game-to-film adaptation Dragonball (yeah, I don't know what that all means either, but the kids seem to like it). The movie is set to invade theaters next spring.

Next up is something a little more my speed: Pac-Man: The Movie!


  1. FYI (forgive my nerdiness), Dragonball is based on a Japanese comic book/animated series, not a video game. ;) I was a huge fan of the series when I was a teenager, but the American film has the potential to be the greatest bad movie ever made. The casting alone (the dude who played Spike in "Buffy" is cast as a green, turban-wearing alien) has me in stitches.

  2. Ooops ... well, they did make some video games based on the manga / anime, so I'm not totally wrong ... ;)

    - kch


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