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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mrs. Garrett and Dr. Frank Rock The Worst Witch

Leave it to our fabulously freaky friends at Kindertrauma to unearth yet another long-suppressed horror from our childhoods: The Worst Witch.

This nano-budgeted made-for-TV kiddie movie not only starred a post-Return to Oz/pre-The Craft Fairuza Balk as well as the slumming Diana Rigg, but the inimitable talents of both Miss Charlotte Rae and Mr. Tim Curry.

Oh, but this proto-"school for the magically gifted" fantasia was more then just your typical afterschool special: it was also a musical! So while the former Frank-N-Furter (as The Grand Wizard, no less) belts out the instant classic "Anything Can Happen on Halloween", the erstwhile Edna Garrett not only essays dual roles, but gets to warble a little ditty all her own. Television sets across the land must have exploded at such a potent display of camp awesomeness.

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