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Sunday, October 12, 2008

On Location: Burkittsville, Maryland

This is the third in a month long Halloween-themed series of On Location posts that will take you "back to the scene of the crime" of some of the greatest horror movies ever made.

Nobody had heard of Burkittsville, Maryland before The Blair Witch Project made it the home of a fictitious phantom in the forest. And apparently, Burkittsville still wishes nobody had heard of them. Just take a look at what the town's official website has to say about the movie that, well, put them on the map:

"The 2000 movie The Blair Witch Project which purports to be based on events that took place in Burkittsville, is a work of fiction and any questions re. the film or events depicted therein should be directed to Artisan Entertainment" [sic]

Despite such thinly-veiled (and poorly punctuated) diversion tactics, fans of the fright flick still flock to Burkittsville, such as our ol' pal O.T.I.S., who relates all the history of this reluctant tourist attraction in yet another witty trip report.

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