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Monday, October 6, 2008

Off the Shelf: The Book of Lists: Horror

Yes, the Book of Lists is back, well, from the dead, if the newest volume -- The Book of Lists: Horror-- is any indication.

Subtitled "An All-New Collection of Spine-Tingling, Hair-Raising, Blood-Curdling Fun and Facts" and featuring contributions from the likes of Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and Eli Roth, the new tome covers everything from literature to music, comic books to (of course) movies.

For a peek inside the blood-red covers, head over to the Turner Classic Movies blog where Movie Morlock (and Book of Lists: Horror contributor) R.H. Smith has excerpted a few of his favorite things, including Slither director James Gunn’s "Nineteen Favorite Reasons God Made Humans So Squishy", Glitter actress Ann Magnuson’s "Twenty-Two Sexiest Movie Monsters" and Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright’s "Top Ten “Ouch! I’m Sorry, But That Has Got to Hurt” Moments in Horror Films". Yikes, sounds like great bathroom reading to me.

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