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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Awards Watch: Rachel Getting Nominated

Rachel Getting Married just may follow in the footsteps of Juno (another film about a misfit young female protagonist) as it goes into this year's Independent Spirit Awards with a leading six nominations. Joining Jonathan Demme's dysfunctional family drama with a half dozen nods a piece (including Best Feature notice) are the lesser known Frozen River and Ballast. Rounding out the top five are Wendy and Lucy (starring Michelle Williams) and The Wrestler (starring Mickey Rourke).

Glaringly missing from the Best Feature and Best Director lists is Gus Van Sant's Milk, which did receive four nominations, including acting nods for Sean Penn and James Franco and a "First Screenplay" nomination for Dustin Lance Black.

The 24th Annual Independent Spirit Awards will be presented in a televised ceremony on February 21 (the day before the Oscars). For a quick look at the nominees, see the comments section below.

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  1. Feature Film:
    Frozen River
    Rachel Getting Married
    Wendy and Lucy
    The Wrestler

    First Feature:
    Medicine for Melancholy
    Sangre De Mi Sangre
    Sleep Dealer
    Synecdoche, New York

    Javier Bardem in Vicky Cristina Barcelona
    Richard Jenkins in The Visitor
    Sean Penn in Milk
    Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker
    Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler

    Summer Bishil in Towelhead
    Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married
    Melissa Leo in Frozen River
    Tarra Riggs in Ballast
    Michelle Williams in Wendy and Lucy

    Supporting Actor:
    James Franco in Milk
    Anthony Mackie in The Hurt Locker
    Charlie McDermott in Frozen River
    JimMyron Ross in Ballast
    Haaz Sleiman in The Visitor

    Supporting Actress:
    Penelope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona
    Rosemarie DeWitt in Rachel Getting Married
    Rosie Perez in The Take
    Misty Upham in Frozen River
    Debra Winger in Rachel Getting Married

    Tom McCarthy for The Visitor
    Jonathan Demme for Rachel Getting Married
    Courtney Hunt for Frozen River
    Ramin Bahrani for Chop Shop
    Lance Hammer for Ballast

    Sangre De Mi Sangre
    Savage Grace
    Synecdoche, New York
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    First Screenplay:
    Frozen River
    Rachel Getting Married
    The Wackness

    Chop Shop
    Medicine for Melancholy
    The Wrestler

    Foreign Film:
    The Class
    Secret of the Grain
    Silent Light

    The Betrayal
    Encounters at the End of the World
    Man on Wire
    The Order of Myths
    Up the Yangtze

    John Cassavetes Award (Best Feature Under $500K):
    In Search of a Midnight Kiss
    Prince of Broadway
    The Signal
    Take Out
    Turn the River

    Truer Than Fiction Award:
    Medicine for Melancholy
    My Effortless Brilliance
    Sita Sings the Blues

    Someone to Watch Award:
    Anvil! The Story of Anvil
    The Order of Myths

    Robert Altman Award:
    Synecdoche, New York


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