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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Latest on DVD: Still Standing

With a spiffy cover like that, if someone were to mistakenly pick up this two-disc special edition of the science fiction masterpiece The Day the Earth Stood Stillthinking it was the upcoming Keanu Reeves remake (which looks as noisy as the original is elegant), they shouldn't be disappointed.

In addition to the Robert Wise-directed classic (starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal and ... Frances Bavier!), the new set (available on both standard DVD and high def Blu-ray today) also includes featurettes on the film's most famous phrase ("Klaatu Barada Nikto") and "The Mysterious, Melodious Theremin", among many other bonus features.

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  1. I recently re-watched this in anticipation of the remake. It's message is still potent, and Michael Rennie is awesome. I'm seeing an advance IMAX screening of the new version this week. Will let y'all know what I think of it.


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