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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Awards Watch: MTV Movie Awards 2009

Apparently the tween fangirl population was out in full voting force regarding the MTV Movie Awards, as their beloved Twilight took home five popcorn trophies earlier tonight, including Best Movie. The film's star, Robert Pattinson, snagged three awards for his broody vamp Edward Cullen: as Breakthrough Performance - Male and one-half of both Best Fight (with Cam Gigandet) and Best Kiss, shared with Best Female Performance winner Kristen Stewart.

Disney stars Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana: The Movie), Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale (both of High School Musical 3: Senior Year) also won, further proving that only teenage girls took these awards seriously. Other winners included Jim Carrey (Yes Man), Amy Poehler (Baby Mama), Ben Stiller (the "lifetime achievement"-like "MTV Generation Award") and the late Heath Ledger, as Best Villain for his Joker in The Dark Knight.

Curiously, (thankfully?), the latter award was not presented during the live broadcast, perhaps because such a somber occasion would not have fit in with all the Adam Samberg antics and vulgarity present throughout the garish ceremony. But in a night of crass outrageousness, the real award goes to Sacha Baron Cohen, who — dressed in angel wings, a gladiator toga and a jockstrap as his flamboyant gay character BrĂ¼no — descended from the rafters to land, bare ass-to-face, in the lap of notoriously homophobic rapper Eminem, who promptly stormed out of the auditorium. The whole stunt was obviously staged, although it appears "poor" Em was not in on the joke.

UPDATE: Well, what do you know: Eminem actually does have a sense of humor.

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