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Monday, June 1, 2009

Cinematic Crush: Jared Padalecki

Crush object: Jared Padalecki, actor.

- As Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls, he captured the hearts of Rory Gilmore and audiences alike.

- During his time on Gilmore, he also starred in several made-for-TV movies, as well as an unsuccessful pilot for a MacGyver spin-off titled Young MacGyver.

- On film, he appeared in Cheaper by the Dozen, New York Minute, Flight of the Phoenix and the horror movies House of Wax and Cry Wolf.

- He is best known for his performance as Sam Winchester on Supernatural, opposite fellow Cinematic Crush Jensen Ackles.

- Most recently, he starred in yet another horror remake, this year's Friday the 13th reboot, which debuts on DVD and Blu-raynext week.


  1. I love Jared Padalecki as a person and a actor. He is a brilliant, gifted actor who is talented beyond his years. I love him on Supernatural too. I met him in Dallas on June 8, 2008. At the Supernatural convention. I just finished a book about him called " Jared Padalecki, from a fan's point of view! " It should be out very soon. you can email me at to ask questions about the book. Jared is a very kind man. I'd be very proud to have him as a friend. I'm Jason Sturges by the way!

  2. Is it me, Or is this man very HOT! Come on Jared Padalecki give us a nude love scene or nude shower scene. Or you could pose in Playgirl. Your Hot, Please show it off! We want to see it. While your still young!!!!!

  3. Merry Christmas Jared Padalecki and a Happy new Year too!

  4. Congratulations to Jared Padalecki on his marriage to Genevieve Cortese on February 27th, 2010. I heard she is pregnant too. But it hasn't been confirmed yet. Supernatural has also been picked up for a Season 6. Congratulations to Jared & Jensen Ackles on that too. Supernatural rocks! Friday the 13th rocked to and is Jared's best movie too. I'm a HUGE Jared Padalecki fan. I guess you can tell. Jason Sturges here again.


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